At COTR we believe that we serve a missionary God and therefore all followers of Jesus are missionaries. We are all called by God to cross cultural barriers in order to take the name of Jesus to every person in our community. We want to make sure we provide every leader in our network the training they need to live on mission. 

Our HUB Leadership Team’s responsibility is to SERVE, EQUIP, EMPOWER, and RELEASE every member of the COTR Global Network.

There are 5 parts to our training strategy:

  1. Help Every Member Discover Their Missional Calling
  2. Encourage Every Member to Build Purposeful Relationships
  3. Equip Every Member to Intentionally Make Disciple Makers
  4. Empower Every Member to Grow as Healthy Leaders
  5. Assist Every Member in Multiplying New Missional Opportunities and Churches