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We Are Women

Young women exploring faith together

About We Are Women

Welcome to "We are Women" – a missional church driven to create a safe and healthy space for young women. At the heart of our church lies two purposes: fostering genuine, meaningful connections among women and providing a space to explore faith, learn about Jesus and the boundless love He has for each of us.

Our commitment to this mission is reflected in weekly gatherings with fellow believers, where we study God's word, engage in enlightening book studies, share in prayer, and collaboratively plan outreach opportunities for the young women in our lives. These moments of collective reflection and spiritual growth strengthen the bonds that unite us as Christians. 

Once a month, we extend a warm invitation to young women curious about religion to join us for a social gathering. This event serves as a platform for sharing personal stories and building relationships in a welcoming environment. We watch films with Christian themes, followed by a facilitated discussion to encourage diverse perspectives, provide space for questions, and help us better understand the unique ways our hearts are drawn towards the Lord. As we remain attuned to the guidance of the Lord, the format and frequency of our open nights may evolve as we navigate our spiritual journey together.

There is no expectation of financial giving; however, for those who feel led to support our mission, the opportunity is available through our donation page.

At "We are Women," we believe in the power of community and the transformative nature of shared experiences. Join us on this inspiring journey of connection, faith exploration, and love. We are creating a space where every woman is valued, supported, and encouraged to embrace the boundless love that Jesus Christ has for us all.

Leaders Mariah